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 Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

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Wezen:: Magiër
Beroep:: Aѕѕαѕѕιɴ
Crush:: Tнe relαтιoɴѕнιp вeтweeɴ мe αɴd мy weαpoɴѕ ιѕ preттy ɢood

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Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
I take no pleasure in killing. I'm just simply good at it


Name:  Ezio
2nd name: -
Surname: Auditore Da Firenze
Nickname: The Assassino
Gender:  Male
Age: 25 summers
Race: Magican
Job: Assassin
Parents: Giovanni Auditore Da Firenze † & Maria Auditore Da Firenze
Brothers/Sisters: Federico † & Claudia & Petruccio †


Hair color:  Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Chocolat brown
Lenngth:  1m79
Weight: 70 kg
Body: Atletic and muscle
Clothes:  Ezio inherited the Assassin robes of his father, Giovanni Auditore da Firenze, following his arrest. These robes were symbolic for the Assassin Order, with its beaked hood and the faded white cloth.
The standard robes were worn over Ezio's normal clothing. The upper body featured a hood with the center shaped to resemble an eagle's beak, which was connected to the robes, with the torso bearing an open collar.
The lower part of the robes were doubly layered, with the back of the robes trailing down to be longer than the front. Around the waist was a long red sash with pouches attached to a belt, holding smoke bombs, bullets, poison and medicine vials. The belt also held together an ornate Assassin insignia, with scabbards holding throwing knives flanking it. The robes featured a leather spaulder where a cape was attached, draped over and around Ezio's left arm and shoulder.[1]

Scars: A scar over his lips, caused by a rock
Jewelry: Necklace from his dad


Power:  Controlling the shadows, but he doesn’t use that much
Skills:  Free-running, mixed matrial arts,
Ezio Auditore was born as the second son of Giovanni Auditore.  He led an affluent, care-free lifestyle until a tragic turn of events changed his life forever. When the new king changed the laws, his father and two brothers were captured. Of the Auditore men, only Ezio was able to escape because the capturing happened while Ezio was running errands for his father. Through Ezio's help however, both his mother and younger sister managed to survive, finding a way to escape the city with him. According to the Florentine Guard's record books, Ezio appeared as a womanizer, with guards rarely able to capture him. The Auditore family fled to Oak Town Castle. This atrocity leads  Ezio to the beginning ways of the Assassins. Determinded to avenge his fathers and brothers dead, he tries to find a way of killing the king. And anyone who stands in his way, will be killed.


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Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
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