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 The legacy of Laxus Dreyar- Raidyn Dreyar!

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Character sheet
Wezen:: Magiër
Beroep:: -I work to be stronger then Laxus Dreyar! Therefore I will fight the fight over magic!
Crush:: Isn't it a beauty? She gives of so much light! My lightning and I have such a strong band!

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Naam: Raidyn
2e naam: One name is enough
Achternaam:  Dreyar
Bijnaam: The thunder God
Geslacht:  Male
Leeftijd: 16 years
Ras: Magician
Ouders: Lex Dreyar
U Rioko Mevas U

Broers/zussen: No brothers and no sisters!


Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Body: slim but a good bild and strong muscles.
Guild mark: On his chest where his heart is. Color a electric dark blue shine.
jewellery: He has a earing on his right ear on top.


Magic: Raidyn is just like his grandfather a specialist in lightning and thunder magic. His father and mother died because of the king his new rules. He has a big hate against the king and everyone who follows that sick man. His goal in live is to defeat his grandfather Laxus Dreyar! Of course because his grandfather is no longer in this live, he needs to find a way to defeat Laxus without fighting him. That’s why he entered the new hidden guild Ragnarok. Soon enough he became a S-Class wizard. He even got the name of Thunder God. He sees his self as the new Thunder God, and he wants to defeat the old thunder God ‘Laxus’ that’s why  He wants to become the guild master. When that happens then he will be  able to accept his name as a real thunder God. That will be the day he defeat his grandfather Laxus!

But that’s not all. Because he wants to be stronger than  the last Thunder God he even has learned how to make big storms with his magic. Something Laxus nor his father could do.

Gast Sronger than befor, I will defeat the last thunder GOD 'Laxus'
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The legacy of Laxus Dreyar- Raidyn Dreyar!
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