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 Ayuza Scarlet

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Naam: Ayuza
2e naam:
Achternaam: Scarlet (meaning: a bright red color)
Bijnaam: Why don´t you think of one? c:
Geslacht: Female
Leeftijd: 17
Ras: Human
Ouders:  Siegrain Scarlet + Haruka Kobayashi
Broers/zussen: Her sword will do.
Huisdier: -.


Kleur haar: Red
Haar lengte: Over her shoulders
Kleur ogen: Striking Green
Lengte: About 1.65 m
Gewicht: About 58 kg
Lichaamsbouw: Slim figure
Kleren: Just the clothes ;]
Littekens: -.
Sieraden: A necklace from her mother; it’s a little butterfly.


Kracht: Very charming~ ;3 She’s human, therefore none.
Grootste Wens: Discover her past and get a friend.
Grootste Angst: Thunder, meeting new people.
Erza Scarlet married Jellal Fernandes. But Edolas-Jellal (king of Edolas and the Edolas-version of Jellal) died and Jellal, who looked just like him, was asked to take over the place of the Edolas-Jellal, because he had no children. Edolas is a kingdom/world parallel to the earth. Earth-Jellal said yes, and became the new king of Edolas. Erza moved with him and gave birth to a child later, who was called Siegrain (as a memoire to Edolas-Jellal). Siegrain (also a magician) grew up in Edolas but went to the earth for quests sometimes. During a quest, Siegrain met a girl and they fell in love. The girl was human, so Siegrain decided to live with her on earth and they got a daughter. When his father Jellal died, he was of course said to take over the crown and moved to Edolas. His wife didn’t want to, so she stayed on earth with their daughter (who was also human) to nurture her.

The daughter grew up to be a nice girl, but when she was 8 years old, her mother died. Her aunt took care of her, but when the daughter was 16 she wanted to travel and look for her father. They understood and gave her a sword. The sword of her father, who got it from his father. The sword with the symbols of Edolas, which she didn't know, of course.

”Your father is a brave, strong, kind man and he loves you very much, my dear. He is a magician and important man, but this is a secret. You can’t tell or ask anybody about it, okay?”
“Okay mommy”

She never understood why it had to be a secret if her father was such a great man. But now she did; the king (of earth) would kill him if he knew. So she couldn’t tell anyone.
What she didn’t know was that her father was also a king, nor that he was in Edolas. But what she did know was that her father had bright red hair, just like her. She would find him and learn about her past.

The name of the girl was Ayuza Scarlet.

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Ayuza Scarlet
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